Tips and Tricks to buy the best CBD Cat Shampoo

The Best CBD Cat Shampoo: Review and Buying Guide

Like humans, cats also value their grooming sessions. Having your cat smell fresh and clean for that particular cuddle time feels fantastic. Imagine having this on top of other benefits, such as improved skin conditions and protection against allergies and infections. CBD cat shampoo offers you the benefits of a natural shampoo with added coat and skin health advantages.

However, getting the best CBD cat shampoo from the market is becoming difficult due to the variety of products. This article guides you to make the right decision by explaining CBD cat shampoo, offering tips and tricks to buy the best CBD cat shampoo, offering secrets to washing your cat and directing you to the best place to purchase CBD cat shampoo for your feline friend.

What is CBD Cat Shampoo?

CBD cat shampoo combines CBD with soothing extracts designed to clean, soothe and condition your cat's skin and coat. CBD cat shampoo is made from 100% natural CBD extracts, so you do not need to worry about allergic reactions to your cat’s skin. CBD cat shampoos may have different added extracts such as lavender, vanilla or strawberry, which gives you the freedom to choose your desired cat’s scent.

Given that CBD cat shampoo is a product of the cannabinoid plant, it comes with additional skin health benefits that may be absent in non-CBD shampoos. These include soothing your cat’s itchy skin, reducing skin inflammation, hydrating your cat’s skin, enhancing skin and coat condition, and improving dull skin. 

Tips and Tricks to Buy the best CBD Cat Shampoo

Receiving endless information on the best shampoo for your cat is one thing and making the final decision on the best one is another. As a cat parent, you may want to give your cat the best shower experience, free of irritation and itchiness, but still wonder how you will choose among the many brands in the market today. Below are tips and tricks to help you buy the best CBD cat shampoo for your cat.

Buy a shampoo designed specifically for cats

There is always that temptation of getting the same shampoo for all our pets, especially when we double as both cat and dog parents. If you are also in that category, consider separating your pets’ shampoos for individualized benefits.

Using a dog or human shampoo on your cat may dry your cat’s skin leading to irritation, skin itchiness, and in extreme cases, inflammation. To understand whether the shampoo you intend to purchase is for cats, carefully read through the label before making any purchase decision. This will also help you identify whether the shampoo meets your expectations.

Keep in mind any allergies your cat may have

Understanding your cat's allergies is crucial when choosing the best CBD cat shampoo to purchase. Although CBD cat shampoos are made from 100% natural hemp plants, they may have other added extracts for scent and soothing effects, which may trigger your cat’s allergies.

If your cat has a history of skin or scent-related allergies, avoid purchasing cat shampoos with extracts that may trigger these allergies. Also, avoid using cat shampoos with added chemicals since these may irritate your cat’s skin and coat, leading to allergies.

The best part about purchasing the Honest Paws Dry Shampoo for Pets is that in addition to cleansing your cat, this shampoo also protects your cat from allergies.

Consider your cat’s skin needs

Cats have unique skin needs only their owners can understand. Consider your cat's skin needs before purchasing your cat's CBD shampoo to avoid buying a product that may not prove beneficial to your cat's skin. For instance, consider avoiding shampoos with aggressive chemicals if your cat suffers from frequent skin irritation, inflammation, or infection.

Instead, you may try medicated cat shampoos to help ease irritation on your cat’s skin after baths. Dry shampoo for pets from honest paws is a perfect example of a medicated CBD cat shampoo, as it offers healing properties such as relieving irritation, discomfort and itchiness.

Scan through the ingredients used to make your cat’s shampoo

Scanning through the ingredients used to make your cat’s CBD shampoo will help you decide whether the shampoo will meet your cat’s needs. Consider purchasing a CBD cat shampoo with simple and natural ingredients.

This is because cats groom themselves all the time and most of the ingredients in your cat’s shampoo will end up in their digestion system. Choosing one with simple ingredients will help you avoid problems with your cat’s digestion and skin.

Look out for any sensitivities you may have

As a pet parent, you may be used to making sacrifices for your cat’s comfort; it is what all parents do from time to time. However, when considering the best CBD cat shampoo for your cat, consider your sensitives to avoid irritation or other complexities when washing your cat. Your cat’s wash time should not be a punishment but an enjoyable experience for you and your feline companion.

Consider your budget

While considering all the above tips, do not forget to weigh your pocket before making the final purchase decision. This will ensure that you get CBD cat shampoo that fits within your budget, allowing you to restock without much pressure upon depletion.

Sometimes getting an overly expensive cat shampoo may discourage you from repurchasing the same brand, forcing you to settle for another brand for your cat. The good news is that at Honest Paws, CBD cat shampoos are affordable and come in different sizes, allowing you to purchase them depending on your budget.

Stick to one brand

Although this is not a must, consider sticking to one brand as your CBD cat’s shampoo. This is because, like human hair products, cat fur products offer nutrients better when used over an extended period.

Using the same brand will also prevent your cat from developing reactions to new shampoos. For CBD cat shampoos, using them over an extended period increases the chance that your cat will benefit more from the health benefits of cat CBD shampoos. 

Settle for dry CBD shampoos for cats

Most cats dislike getting immersed in water, which makes cat bath time a hectic time for most cat parents. To ensure that you clean your cat thoroughly without making them go through the horrors of taking a full body bath, consider purchasing dry CBD shampoos for cats.

These ensure they wash off your cat’s dirt without requiring you to scrub or dip your cat into the water. Dry CBD shampoos save your energy and make your cat’s bath experience hassle-free, creating a win-win situation for both of you.

Examine your cat’s coat and skin immediately after bathing

One way of ensuring your cat reacts well to your chosen shampoo is to examine its coat and skin reaction to the shampoo immediately after bathing and in between baths. This will help you identify any irritation or allergic reaction caused by the shampoo to your cat’s skin.

If your cat reacts poorly to your desired shampoo, consider changing it to a better, more natural product and repeat the cycle to ensure you settle for comfortable and yet effective CBD cat shampoo for your cat.

What to avoid when purchasing CBD Cat Shampoo

It is better to understand exactly what to avoid when purchasing something. Understanding what to avoid when choosing your cat's CBD shampoo will help you decide the best product for your cat's needs. Below are a few things you should avoid when selecting your cat's CBD shampoo.

Avoid products with artificial dyes, parabens, sulfates, or petrochemicals

Whenever you buy cat shampoo, carefully read the label to identify whether the shampoo has these products. Avoid products with these chemicals as they may irritate the skin or cause itchiness, among other skin problems.

Note that these chemicals may even feature in cat shampoos labeled as natural, so anytime you check the labels, be sure to dig deeper to understand more about the shampoo’s ingredients.

Avoid Shampoos that lack clear instructions

Ensure you avoid purchasing products without clear instructions or guidelines for use. We all depend on instructions on our products for proper usage, which also applies to cat shampoos. Without clear instructions, you may apply too much or too little shampoo on your cat resulting in less effective results. It may also be hard for you to understand if the shampoo is made for cats or dogs if it lacks clear instructions.

Avoid shampoos with artificial scents if your cat has sensitivities or allergies

Although shampoos with artificial fragrances may seem more pleasing, they may not be as pleasing to your cat, especially if they have sensitivities or allergies. Strong artificial scents may cause discomfort to your cat, depriving them of the joy and satisfaction that should come with baths. Some of these artificial scents may even cause discomfort for you.

Why Choose the Honest Paws Skin and Coat Dry Shampoo for Cats

Skin and Coat Dry Shampoo for Cats

Since every pet parent desires to give the best to their pets, getting the Honest Paws dry shampoo for your cat is one way of achieving this desire. This CBD cat shampoo cleanses your cat and adds healthy benefits such as skin and coat nourishment, allergy prevention, and your cat’s skin and coat hydration.

Below are this product’s unique features that help it offer maximum benefits to your cat’s skin.

1. Safe for dogs and cats

Most CBD shampoos are specifically for cats or dogs. However, this product doubles as a safe shampoo for dogs and cats, saving up costs for parents with a cat and a dog. Imagine getting value and numerous health benefits from a single product and topping this up, getting a product that serves both your pets, saving up costs for you.

2. Has an Easy Foaming Formula

This feature allows the skin and coat dry shampoo for cats to cleanse your cat’s skin without stressing the coat or clogging the pores. Instead of clogging pores, this shampoo hydrates the scalp and relieves itchiness, so your cat can enjoy clean skin and a strong coat. With the easy foaming formula, you may not require using startling sprays for your cat’s skin, which may also lead to irritation and itchiness.

3. Eco-friendly and free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, and phthalates

This is another vital feature that makes this product the best for your consideration. Products that contain dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates or petrochemicals can hurt your cat's skin leading to skin irritation, allergies, inflammation, or infections.

Some products in the market may have these chemicals listed in their ingredients and still appear as natural products. Ensure you carefully look out for these chemicals and avoid purchasing cat shampoos that contain them.

With the Honest Paws Skin and Coat Dry Shampoo for Cats, you can rest assured that none of these chemicals are used as an ingredient when making this CBD cat shampoo.

4. Does not leave sticky residue

Most shampoos that do not require water to cleanse your cat may leave sticky residues after cleaning. This residue is always a mixture of the shampoo and the dirt from your cat's skin. Since these shampoos do not require water to clean your cat, they leave a residue that forces you to use water and, in most cases, an extra shampoo to remove the residue.

However, with this product, you do not have to worry about the shampoo leaving a sticky residue on your cat's skin. The skin and dry coat shampoo for cats rinses immediately from your cat's coat, leaving no sticky residue.

5. Has Oatmeal and Lavender

One of the common benefits of oatmeal is its ability to moisturize, hydrate, and nourish the skin. The oatmeal in the skin and coat dry shampoo for cats ensures your cat's skin stays healthy, nourished and without itchiness, flaking, or tightness. Like oatmeal, lavender also has benefits on your cat's skin.

It helps moisturize your cat's fur and stimulates circulation and sebum production. You cannot go wrong with the Honest Paws Skin and Coat Dry CBD shampoo for your cat.

6. Has no artificial scents

When pets come into contact with synthetic perfumes, they are likely to express reactions such as sneezing and eye or nasal discharge. In extreme cases, artificial scents may cause breathing problems and affect your cat's immune system.

However, with Honest Paws products, you do not have to worry about any of these issues since this company's products are made with no additional artificial scents.

7. Can work without water

Yes, you read that right. The Honest Paws Skin and Coat Dry Shampoo for cats can work without water. This means you do not have to dip your cat into the water to have its skin and coats cleansed. Instead, wet the cat thoroughly and apply a generous amount of Dry CBD cat shampoo on your cat for cleansing.

The best part about this is that you can clean your cat within a short period, when out on a walk or between its play breaks. Since most cats dislike getting wet, this product is the right product for such cats.

Below are additional benefits of waterless shampoos.

  • Waterless shampoos are perfect for spot cleaning. Spot cleaning is when you only require to wash a part of your cat, such as its paws, after a walk. All you need to do is rub the shampoo on your cat's paw and clean it without applying any water.
  • Waterless shampoos are perfect for traveling, especially when bathing your pet may not be practical.
  • They ensure you achieve the results of a bath without wetting your cat. Cats hate water, so it may be a struggle to wash them. However, waterless shampoos make it easier to bathe them without dipping them in water.
  • Waterless shampoos are good for pets with gastrointestinal issues.

How To Know If Your Cat Is Reacting To Their Shampoo

You may have already bought a shampoo for your cat and might be wondering whether it has any effects on your cat’s skin. If you ever suspect a product is affecting your pet, likely, it may be affecting them. Cats may react to shampoos differently depending on the product causing the said harm and the nature of their skin.

For instance, a cat with less fur may feel more irritated by certain shampoos than a hairy cat would. This makes it hard for you as a cat owner to identify how much harm a certain shampoo product may have on your cat. To understand how much effect a shampoo may have on your cat, consider observing your cat’s behavior after baths and in between baths. Consider changing your shampoo if you witness the following:

1. Dry itchy skin

This is the most common sign of a shampoo allergy. If you notice that your cat’s skin is getting drier and itchier every time you wash it, there might be an allergic reaction caused by your cat’s shampoo. Mostly, your cat will scratch their dry,, itchy skin in an attempt to do away with the discomfort, which in most cases results in inflammation.

Consider trying a CBD cat shampoo from Honest Paws if you notice this in your cat. This company’s products have features that allow your cat’s skin to heal, help your cat relax, and help relieve inflammation.

2. Sneezing or stuffy nose

Some shampoos cause sneezing and runny or stuffy nose in your cat, especially if they have synthetic fragrances. If you notice that your cat sneezes or develops a runny nose regularly after a bath, the problem may be the shampoo you have been using.

You may also ensure you maintain a warm room temperature and use warm water when cleaning your cat to prevent them from sneezing from exposure to cold.

3. Skin rash

Skin rashes are a sign of an unpleasant reaction on the skin. Like in humans, skin rashes signify a problem with your cat's skin and may cause itchiness, pain and inflammation in your cat's skin. If you notice recurrent rashes on your cat's skin, especially after baths, the shampoo you use may be the problem. Consider trying a better brand, especially a CBD cat shampoo and you will not regret it.

Remember that after witnessing any of these signs, you need to avoid the substance causing them and give your cat enough time to heal before trying another brand. It may take around two weeks for skin rashes and dry, itchy skin to heal completely.

To accelerate the healing process, you may cool your cat’s skin regularly with a wet cloth and give them CBD oils for cats to cool off the pain or relieve any inflammation. If these symptoms persist even after withdrawing the use of that shampoo, consider visiting your veterinarian to avoid further damage to your cat’s coat and skin.

Why Does My Cat need a Bath?

Unlike dogs, cats invest more of their time grooming themselves and you may be wondering why your cat may require additional grooming from you. Even if they invest so much time licking their paws and brushing their skin using their tongue, this is not always enough to cater to their skin and coat health.

Getting used to bathing your cat regularly, even if they may seem clean is necessary to help scrub off their body fats or any other dirt that may be too tough to remove by tongue or paw licking.

Hairless cats need bathing more since they lack enough fur to absorb the oils produced by their skin. Without thorough cleaning, cats with shorter fur may develop skin acne or blackheads due to the accumulation of their body oils on their skin. In addition to cleaning your cat, you may also conduct routine ear cleaning by using products that eliminate wax and debris buildup in your cat’s ears.

Although cats groom themselves regularly, there are areas that they may require your attention to help them clean. Ensure you use shampoo and warm water when bathing your cat to avoid exposing them to cold. For healthy and strong skin and coat, use CBD shampoos, as they help add more health benefits to your cat. The Honest Paws Skin and Coat Dry Shampoo is a perfect example of the best shampoo you may use for your cat’s skin.

Tips on Bathing Your Cat

It is that time again-time to give your cay a good shower. Although cats are generally clean animals, sometimes they get into substances that might stick longer on their skin or fur, requiring you to bathe them.

Unlike dogs, cats are not fascinated by baths, and you, therefore, require a plan to ensure you gently clean your cat without getting clawed to death. Below are tips you may apply when bathing your cat.

Assemble all the bathing equipment

It is always advisable to have all the equipment you may require for a particular task before undertaking it. Washing your cat is no different. Ensure you assemble a towel, your shampoo of choice, a faucet, comb, brush and any other item you may require for your cat’s bath.

Once your cat is in the tub or sink, you will not have the chance to leave the room to get something. There is a high chance that you will not get the cat still in the water when you return.

Ask for help from a friend or relative

Not only should you have all the items assembled but you may also require help from a friend or a relative. When it comes to washing cats, four hands are better than two. With help, it will be easy for you to scrub all the essential parts of your cat without much struggle.

However, sometimes you may require to wash your cat off some mud without having much time to look for help. Consider using a waterless shampoo such as the Dry Shampoo for cats available at Honest Paws. With this, you will only need to scrub your cat off the dirt without undergoing the whole dipping procedure.

Time it right

Cats do not generally like staying in the water and may object to a bath as strongly as they can. Since you understand the importance of giving your cat proper bathtime, consider scheduling your cat’s bath when they are a bit tired to avoid much resistance. It would make the experience better if you could schedule this bathtime for a time when someone will be available to help.

Brush ahead of time

Sometimes, your cat’s fur may be entangled, leading to painful washing sessions. Other times, your cat may shed its fur as a natural phenomenon, and this fur may make it harder for you to clean your cat properly. To avoid all these, brush your cat’s fur to remove any tangles and sticky dirt that might cause pain if brushed abruptly during the bathing session.

Note, cutting your cat’s matted fur with scissors may not be a good idea since you risk cutting your cat’s skin. Instead, invest part of your time in brushing your cat’s fur slightly before immersing them in the water for a full body wash. Brushing your cat’s fur regularly can also help maintain a healthy coat.

Treats can help motivate your cat

Pets act like humans and like it when someone appreciates them. Normalize offering treats to your cat, especially after a bath to motivate them to stay calm and relax during the next shower. You may visit Honest Paws for a variety of CBD cat treats.

In addition to encouraging your cat to stay calm for their bath, CBD treats for cats also help improve the immune system, reduce skin inflammation, reduce pain if your pet is suffering from any disease, and strengthen your cat’s joints.

Trim the Toenails

Cats use their claws as their defence mechanisms. Whenever triggered, cats are likely to use their toenails to protect themselves from the attack. Since cats are known to have water aversions, dipping your cat into a bathtub may feel like a trigger to them, causing them to use their claws on you.

Trimming your cat’s toenails is both a way to groom your cat and also a way of protecting yourself from harm when bathing your cat.

Let the bathing begin

With all the requirements, someone to help you and trimmed toenails, you may let the bathing process commence. Cat washing sessions vary from one cat parent to another depending on how your cat relates with water.

For some, it is a walk in the park, while for others, it is the same as washing a screaming toddler. Whatever your experience, hold in there and rest assured that bathing your cat is among the best ways to care for their skin and comfort.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Bath Your Cat

Having accumulated all the materials you need for your cat’s bath, let us now dive into cleaning your feline companion. This guide will help you and your cat has a positive bath experience.

1. Catch your cat and place them in your wash area

Time to bring your feline friend into the bathroom! If this is your first time bathing your cat, you may experience some resistance mostly because cats tend to tense when exposed to water. Once you get hold of your cat, close the bathroom door and try to soothe them to relax to avoid retaliation.

2. Fill the sink or the tub

Use warm water to wash your cat. Whether you are using a tub or a sink, fill it with water up to approximately 4 inches. Ensure you check the water temperature to avoid too much hot water which may make your cat uncomfortable or even burn them.

After ascertaining the water is at the right temperature, hold your cat and dip them slowly in the tub. Ensure your grip is not so tight to avoid hurting them.

3. Wet your cat’s fur with shampoo

Wet your cat’s coat and skin with your cat’s shampoo. Ensure you do not add shampoo to their eyes, nose or ears as it may cause irritation and pain. Apply a generous amount of shampoo and be sure to follow the right instructions indicated on the shampoo.

4. Scrub the fur using a soft brush

After applying shampoo, scrub your cat’s coat and skin using a soft brush. Using a soft brush will ensure you do not hurt your cat’s skin or pull off its fur.

5. Rinse your cat thoroughly and dry them

After giving them a nice scrub, rinse your cat thoroughly, wash their face without shampoo and hold them in a towel to dry them. You may then place your cat in a warm room to continue drying up. Some cat parents use a blowdry to dry their cats. If you decide to use a blowdry, ensure you apply the appropriate heat level to avoid burning your cat’s fur.

With patience, care and compassion, you can incorporate a bath into your cat’s care routine without hurting yourself or your cat. While at it, consider choosing the best cat shampoo in the market, one from Honest Paws.

At Honest Paws, we believe that cats require more than just a clean skin. For this, our cat CBD shampoos have additional health benefits such as preventing skin allergies and infections, neutralizing odors, and nourishing and hydrating your cat’s skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats require a bath?

Yes. Cats still require to have a bath, even if they are known to spend most of their time grooming themselves. Some types of dirt such as mud or grease may not come off by licking and may require extra attention from their owner.

Which shampoo is best for my cat?

Deciding on the best shampoo for your cat may be challenging, given the many brands in the market today. However, ensure you get a shampoo that does not harm your cat’s coat and skin. One such example is the Skin and Coat Dry CBD Shampoo for cats from Honest Paws. It offers additional benefits such as nourishing your cat’s skin, moisturizing it, and enhancing it.

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