Is CBD Oil Good for Dog Allergies

Is CBD Oil Good for Dog Allergies?

If you have ever had a dog with allergies, you understand how hard it is to watch them struggle with the symptoms. Dogs, like humans, suffer from allergies. Surprisingly, the same triggers that cause allergies in humans are also likely to cause allergies in dogs.

Dogs suffering from allergic reactions express signs such as vigorous scratching, itching, dry skin and respiratory problems such as coughing or wheezing. Fortunately, most treatments used to treat human allergies could also help alleviate dog allergies.

One such treatment is CBD oil. CBD oil for dog allergies helps your dog by boosting their immunity, allowing them to fight allergies. This article explains dog allergies, CBD oil for dogs, and discusses whether CBD oil is effective in addressing dog allergies.

What are Dog Allergies?

Dog allergies are negative reactions to triggers such as pollen or certain foods or shampoos. An allergy occurs when the immune system interprets something as a threat when it is not.

This misinterpretation leads to the immune system fighting against itself, resulting in allergic symptoms such as swelling, sneezing and itchiness. Your dog may suffer from different types of allergies, including skin, food and environmental allergens. Below is a breakdown of each type of dog allergy.

Skin allergies

Skin allergies, also known as dermatitis, are caused by flea bites, food sensitivities and environmental allergens such as pollen. If you suspect your dog may be suffering from a skin allergy, check out for signs like itchy or inflamed skin. Skin allergies have the risk of causing secondary infections.

As your dog scratches, licks and bites their skin, they may open their skin to bacteria and yeast, resulting in severe skin infections. To prevent a skin allergy from developing into a skin infection, consider administering CBD oil for dogs' skin allergies. Among the best

CBD oil for dog’s skin allergies is the Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs-Well, specifically made to enhance your dog’s immune system and reduce skin itchiness, pain and any related inflammation. This CBD oil is organic full-spectrum hemp and is third-party approved, meaning it is safe for your dog’s consumption.

Food Allergies

Food allergies are caused by food sensitivities or intolerance in dogs. Consuming certain foods may throw your dog off the hook and cause signs such as itchy skin, hives, facial swelling and gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Environmental Allergens

Environmental allergens such as pollen, dust or mold can cause allergic reactions in your dog. You may observe that your dog starts sneezing if you pass by a garden with pollen or when they interact with moldy places or objects.

To prevent such symptoms from becoming more severe, consider administering CBD oils to your dog and visiting your veterinarian for further guidance.

Acute Allergic Reactions

This is a fatal type of allergy in dogs. An acute allergic reaction results in an anaphylactic shock after having a severe reaction to an allergen. Vaccine reactions and bee stings are the common causes of anaphylactic responses in dogs.

The common symptoms of an anaphylactic shock are facial, throat, lips, earflaps and eyes swellings that seem painful. Ensure you give attention to your dog after they receive any new vaccines to prevent acute allergic reactions from happening.

Symptoms of Dog Allergies

Symptoms of dog allergies depend on the type of allergy your dog has. For instance, dogs with an anaphylactic response may experience high blood pressure, which is not evident in skin, food or environmental allergies.

To know whether your dog is suffering from allergies, look out for symptoms like hives, skin irritation, inflammation, sore face, eyelids, earflaps, sneezing, constant licking, runny eyes and for food allergies, diarrhea and vomiting. Remember, these symptoms may also be a sign of other underlying conditions so ensure you visit your dog’s veterinarian if these symptoms persist.

How to Treat Dog Allergies

Like any other health problem, allergy treatment starts with identifying the cause of allergic reactions in your dog. For instance, the best way to treat food sensitivities is to identify the type of food responsible for an allergic reaction in your dog and change the diet.

Similarly, the best way to treat a flea allergy is to kill the flea and free your dog from its discomfort. However, in some cases, the damage may have already happened, pushing you to treat the symptoms such as skin irritation or inflammation.

In such a case, consider trying natural ways before getting additional help from your veterinarian. One of the best ways of treating allergies and reducing the discomfort associated with their symptoms is by administering CBD oils to your dog.

CBD oil helps relieve your dog's pain, itchiness, and inflammation, enabling them to feel better after an allergic reaction. CBD oil also enhances your dog’s immune system, helping it fight allergies in the future.

CBD oil for Dog For Allergies

CBD oil is a cannabis plant extract that has healing properties, can reduce pain, add joint strength and reduce anxiety and is also an anti-inflammatory product. Unlike other cannabis extracts, CBD oil is 100% natural with less than 0.3% THC concentration.

This means even if you subject your dog to CBD for a lifetime, they will not experience any psychoactive feelings. CBD oil works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system present in mammals.

It helps enhance the cannabinoids produced by this system, resulting in a more robust immunity. With a healthy and strong immune system, your dog will easily overcome allergic reactions and their symptoms.

Is it safe to use CBD Oil to Address Dog Allergies?

Is it safe to use CBD Oil to Address Dog Allergies

Absolutely yes. CBD oil can reduce allergies in your fury friend. This oil works by interacting with your dog’s endocannabinoid system, which controls other body systems, including the immune, digestive, and cognitive systems.

The endocannabinoid system processes cannabinoids which work together with cannabinoids from CBD oil to enhance all other body systems, resulting in a healthy and robust dog.

Allergies in dogs may affect the proper functioning of the endocannabinoid system, resulting in different symptoms. The good news is that CBD oil reduces these symptoms by supplementing the natural cannabinoids in the body.

CBD oil is also an anti-inflammatory that helps your dog recover from skin itchiness and inflammation and relieves pain caused by skin irritation. Given that some dogs experience anxiety and lack of sleep from allergies, CBD oil also helps your dog feel relaxed, enabling them to rest better for quicker recovery.

Why Choose Natural Remedies for Dog Allergies

Natural remedies always sound better for any problem, even in humans. However, for dog allergies, embracing natural remedies could be a lifesaver for your dog. Allergies result from the immune system’s response to invader substances, even though they are harmless.

To prevent this, most conventional drugs for dog allergies work by suppressing the immune system to stop it from responding to invader substances. But, do you know what suppressing the immune system means? Well, it means having a weakened immune system for your dog, making them vulnerable to life-threatening illnesses.

However, with natural remedies like CBD oil for dog allergies, you do not have to worry about suppressing the immune system as these act as supplements to the immune system. When cannabinoids from CBD oils interact with those produced by the endocannabidiol system, they help enhance your dog’s immunity, resulting in fewer reactions toward harmless invaders.

Additionally, CBD oil improves your dog’s overall health by improving their coat and skin, reducing pain, helping them stay calm, and alleviating anxiety. You do not have to risk your dog’s health by subjecting them to convectional drugs every time they get an allergic reaction when there is a natural remedy you could use.

Where Can I Get the Best CBD Oil for my Dog’s Allergic Reactions?

Allergic reactions may happen anytime, and avoiding them may be difficult, especially when you do not understand the allergens that cause allergies in your dog. However, by administering CBD oil to your dog, you will enhance their immunity, helping them cope better with allergies.

While this sounds attractive, finding the best CBD oil on the market may be challenging. We understand this and have brought Honest Paws only a click away from you.

Honest Paws introduces different types of CBD oil to help your dog find ease in recovering from symptoms related to allergic reactions. For instance, with CBD Oil for Dogs-Well, your dog will enjoy an enhanced immune system which will help them overcome allergies and other illnesses.

Dogs suffering from allergies may feel anxious and might develop poor sleeping patterns. Honest Paw’s CBD Oil for Dogs-Calm helps your dog feel calm and relaxed regardless of the harsh allergic symptoms they may be experiencing. Other additional reasons you should consider purchasing CBD oil for your dog from Honest Paws include:

  • These products are 100% natural and organic meaning your dog will not experience any side effects from using CBD oil from Honest Paws.
  • Honest Paws CBD oils have less than 0.3% THC concentration and can, therefore, not cause any psychoactive feelings in your dog. This property also protects your dog from experiencing addiction to CBD oils.
  • These CBD oils are third-party approved showing that they are safe and quality for your dog’s consumption. They have an NASC quality seal to prove this.
  • Honest Paws has a wide range of CBD oils in high quantities, saving you the trouble of changing your dog’s CBD oil due to stock runouts.

Having understood that CBD oil for dogs can help you protect your dog against allergies and their symptoms, consider visiting the Honest Paws website for more information on the prices and delivery options.

You do not have to watch your dog suffer from the harsh symptoms of allergic reactions while all you need to do is order, have your CBD oil delivered and start administering it to your dog as per the instructions given.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What triggers allergies in dogs?

Dog allergies have different triggers, including environmental factors such as pollen or dust, food or skin sensitivities. If you suspect your dog is suffering from an allergic reaction, look out for symptoms such as itchy skin, hives, sneezing and in some, gastrointestinal discomfort. You may also visit your veterinarian for a more specific diagnosis.

Can Dog Allergies be Addressed by Administering CBD oil?

Yes. CBD oil allergy relief for dogs can be effective especially when administered in the right dosage. CBD oil helps enhance your dog’s immunity, helping them fight allergies and overcome the harsh symptoms of allergic reactions.

CBD oil is also good for your allergic dog as it helps them overcome pain and gain a relaxed feeling regardless of the irritating symptoms they may be going through.

How can I administer CBD oil to help relieve allergies in my dog?

Most CBD oils have instructions on how to administer them to your dog. Although you may wish to have your dog heal as fast as possible, avoid giving them more than the recommended amount of CBD based on age or weight.

This is because the body will absorb this CBD only up to a certain level and consider the rest waste. However, consider administering CBD oil to your dog every day for better results.

Wondering where to get quality CBD Oil products that are good for your dogs? Worry no more. Honest Paws is the leading brand in offering best quality CBD products for your pets. Please sample our products in our online store. You can also reach us for free consultations.

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