Is CBD Oil Different For Pets Than Humans

Is CBD Oil Different For Pets Than Humans?

If you have a pet, you know it is almost impossible not to share some of your favorite meals with them. This sharing habit might make you wonder if CBD oil that humans use can be effective for your pet.

This begs the question, "can dogs have cbd oil made for humans?" Although CBD oil has many health benefits for humans, this does not necessarily mean that the same oil humans use is safe for pet use. Below you will find answers to questions like: can dogs have CBD oil for humans, whether you can take pet CBD oil, and vice-versa.

Can I Give My Dog or Cat CBD Meant for Humans Use?

CBD is used for various health and lifestyle problems that pets and humans face. Although the CBD you give your dog contains almost the same ingredients, it is not advisable to give pets CBD oils meant for human use.

Understanding how CBD interacts with your pet's endocannabinoid system will help you know why giving them human CBD oil is not advisable.

How CBD Affects the Endocannabinoid System of Pets

In a pet, for instance, a dog's endocannabinoid system (ECS), there are two receptors that have distinct functions. One of the receptors regulates the behavioral effects of cannabis, while the other controls the effects of the body's natural cannabinoids.

So, when you give your pet CBD through treats or chews, the cannabinoid is metabolized and performs its function in the ECS. The CBD will affect your pet's well-being and overall health.

It would be best to consider CBD potency before giving your pet CBD. This is because there is a range of potencies and giving your pet a higher degree of potency than recommended can have detrimental effects. Therefore, giving your pet CBD for humans implies that you've not considered CBD potency.

Besides CBD potency, other factors are considered when manufacturing human CBD and pet CBD products.

Differences Between Human CBD And Pet CBD Products

Some of the notable differences as based on factors such as


It can become challenging for your pet to take CBD products. Human CBD products will have a different smell and taste from what your dog is used to, like their food. This is why there are flavored CBD products to make them more appealing to pets. CBD flavors for pets include green apple, cheddar, bacon, beef, salmon and chicken.


Your doctor can recommend a specific amount of CBD dosage for home use. This dosage is customized to your needs and not your pets. CBD products for pets have their dosage, so if you choose to give your dog CBD products meant for humans, you won't know the right dosage for your fury friend.

Although your dog won't die from CBD overdose, it will experience adverse effects of CBD overdose, like diarrhea and vomiting. Any dog parent wouldn't want that for their pets.

THC Amount

Wait. Do you read the label that comes with your CBD package? Is it so important? Yes. The label will provide information about the product's content, including CBD, THC and other ingredients.

If you have a CBD container for your pet, try and compare the ingredients with yours. Despite some of the ingredients being the same, you will notice differences in the THC content. 


But human CBD is just CBD, why can't I administer it to my best pet friend? Besides the THC content, there are additives in human CBD that might not be safe for pets. For instance, human CBD can have xylitol, which is lethal to cats and dogs. Therefore, better to purchase CBD oil meant for pets as you are sure it is safe for your four-legged friend.


After buying your CBD oil, you always read the user’s manual to know how to use the product. The same goes for CBD products for pets. They have a user manual that will guide you on administering the product.

Take a closer look, and you will notice a difference between how human and pet CBD products are not only used but also administered. On that account, it is better to buy your pet its own CBD oil.

Now that you know some differences between human CBD and pet CBD, can humans take pet CBD oil?

Can Humans Use CBD Oils Meant for Pets?

Can Humans Use CBD Oils Meant for Pets

Having discussed the differences between human and pet CBD products, you know how each product varies. The truth is taking pet CBD will not harm you. Nonetheless, you won't enjoy what you're consuming.

The reason is CBD pet products come in capsules, treats, or oil drops, and they're formulated for pet taste palettes and not for humans. For instance, imagine consuming CBD soft chews, which are poultry flavored.

Another reason why it is not ideal to consume your pet's CDB oil is that your pet has a lighter body mass than you. This means that you might be breaking the FDA regulations regarding the consumption of pet CBD oil, as they're manufactured for pet use and not human.

Besides that, you can use pet CBD oil as long as FDA has approved the CBD oil.

Can Dogs Have CBD oil Made for Humans?

Whether the CBD product is for human or dog use, the cannabinoid is extracted through the same process. Therefore there will be slight differences between dog CBD oil and human. However, you should consider the following:

  • Some components, such as terpenes like tea tree oil and peppermint, which are responsible for aromas and flavors found in CBD broad-spectrum oil and full-spectrum oil, can harm pets.
  • Human CBD oil has more significant quantities of cannabinoids, while pet CBD oil has a lesser dosage. So, if you want to give your dog human CBD oil, you should ask your veterinarian about the right dosage for your canine.
  • CBD products have extra ingredients, so you should go an extra mile to learn the products on the label and analyze the Certificate of Analysis. Doing so will ensure you're giving your companion CBD oil that is certified and safe for them.
  • There is insufficient research about how giving your pet excess CBD affects their health. Hence it would be best to inquire with the veterinary doctor and discuss your pet's illness or problem before giving them CBD oil.

Can Dogs have CBD oil made for Humans? What are the Effects?

There is an ongoing debate between human and pet CBD, but there's one similarity between both products: they treat chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety problems. CBD oil works by affecting the endocannabinoid receptors alleviating pain and regulating moods.

Research shows that CBD oil assists in boosting the endocannabinoid system in dogs. This implies that if your dog has pain in their joints, inflammation, anxiety, or allergies, CBD oil can alleviate these problems. In addition, CBD oil can improve the quality of life of your pet as cannabinoid interacts with the nervous system enhancing your pet's moods.

So, giving your canine human CBD, which is rich in omega-3 and fatty acids, boosts your pup's health and reinforces its immune system. This is by alleviating joint pain, strengthening their bones, and improving the quality of their fur and skin quality.

What Is The Right Quantity of CBD Oil To Give My Pet?

Now that you know it would be best to give your pet CBD oil meant for pets, how much CBD should you administer to your pet? There are different varieties of CBD products on the market today; therefore, there's no correct answer about the right dosage. It all goes down to the type of product you've purchased and the size/weight of your dog.

Each product comes with a label with instructions on giving it to your pet. Follow these guidelines as they're based on the pet's weight, which means you have to weigh your pet to determine the proper dosage. The more your pet weighs, the higher the dosage, and vice versa.

A crucial tip is to weigh your pet often because a sick or stressed animal loses weight. So, you might give your cat or dog more CBD oil than is recommended as you think they weigh the same each week. You can get quality products and expert advice from Honest Paws, a leading brand in CBD oil products for pets.

How to Select a Cannabidiol Product for Your Dog

CBD has a lot of benefits for your ailing dog. That is why choosing the best product in the market is essential to ensure your pawed friend is up and running in no time.

Look for broad or full-spectrum hemp

Before purchasing a CBD product, check on the product label if it's broad or full spectrum. A CBD product with full or broad-spectrum hemp means it has other essential cannabinoids like Cannabigerol (CBC) and Cannabichromene. For instance, research shows that CBC has cancer-fighting abilities and can help reduce pain and inflammation.

Consider whether the CBD in the product has been extracted through CO2 extraction

There are two main ways that CBD is derived from the hemp plant. For instance, CO2 extraction pressures the hemp to break it down and release the oil. More CBD is released this way than through solvent extraction.

When CBD is extracted through the CO2 method, there is more CBD concentration meaning your dog is getting more cannabinoids. Although this will make the product more expensive, your dog will benefit more from this kind of CBD.

It is also essential that you research the CBD product that you want to purchase

You might be wondering why this is crucial, but the truth is that there many companies manufacturing CBD oil today. So, researching will help you know the companies that have been doing it for years and companies that have begun manufacturing CBD products just to benefit from the CBD market.

You should choose a CBD product from a company that has been in the CBD market for years. Honest Paws is the leading brand on the market, reach out for quality and certified CBD oil products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat Occurs If You Take CBD Oil for Dogs?

You will experience dry mouth syndrome. This is where there will be decreased production of saliva as the CBD product is meant for pets and human palates. Besides that, you won’t experience any other side effects.

Can I Give Human CBD Oil to My Cat?

Most people use CBD oil to boost their mood and relieve pain or discomfort. Giving your cat human CBD will not treat their ailment as pet CBD would but will help them feel better by boosting their mood.

Can Too Much CBD Hurt My Pet?

You don't need to worry if you've given your pet excess CBD. However, suppose the CBD product has high THC content. In that case, you need to confine your pet in a place where they can relax and prevent injury, as ataxia, hyperesthesia, and mild sedation can affect your loved animal.


CBD products have a lot of benefits for both humans and pets. However, giving your four-legged friend a CBD product made specifically for them would be best. Other than these pet CBD products containing the proper dosage, they come in tasty flavors and designs like chews and treats, and pets find them very irresistible.

So, why would you give your pet human CBD that is not tasty at all. On the other hand, you shouldn't try and consume a pet CBD product as you will not enjoy the flavor since they're specially made for pet palates. CBD products can be an essential supplement to your diet and that of your pawed friend.

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