Best Dog CBD Oil for Itchy Skin

Best Dog CBD Oil for Itchy Skin

Does your dog regularly scratch or fiercely rub against the wall or other objects? This may signify that they are suffering from itchy dog skin. Dog's itchy skin, also known as pruritus, is a symptom of many underlying conditions in your dog, such as skin infections, allergic reactions or bites from parasites. Although all these may sound threatening, do not worry. CBD Oil for dogs has your back.

This oil will soothe your dog’s itchy skin, reduce inflammation, and cause a relaxed feeling in your furry friend. This article discusses itchy dog skin, introduces CBD oil for dogs to reduce skin itchiness and directs you toward the best dog CBD oil for itchy skin and where you may get it.

Reasons for Itchiness

Your dog might be itchy for many reasons, including allergies, parasites, dermatitis, and rashes. If your dog continuously scratches itself on the wall or uses its paws, it is not because they are trying to ignore you but could be a sign of skin itchiness. Skin itchiness may lead to inflammation and pain, robbing your dog's joy and comfort. Below are the major causes of dog itchy skin.

1. Allergies

Allergies are among the major reasons for itchy dog skin. Dogs might experience allergies when plants bloom and release pollen during spring and summer. When your dog plays outside, the pollen might fall onto its skin, resulting in itchy skin. The good news is that seasonal allergies that might cause itchiness in your dog will disappear when fall comes.

To determine if your dog has pollen allergy, look for signs like digestive upset, head shaking, stinky ears, sneezing, and puffy watery eyes after its playful moments outside.

Dogs may also suffer from food allergies. If you switch your dog’s diet, always watch for any issues to ensure the itchiness is not food related. Understanding the cause of your dog’s itchiness will help you take the appropriate measures to relieve their discomfort.

2. Rashes

As with many skin ailments, rashes commonly cause itchiness. For dogs, rashes might result from an allergic reaction to something like their cleaning products. To determine whether your dog has rashes, consider parting off some hairs to view their skin. You may seek medical attention if these rashes appear extreme to avoid further damage to your dog’s skin.

3. Bacterial or Fungal Infections

You may have heard or seen someone suffering from a bacterial or fungal skin infection. Like us, dogs also suffer from skin infections. Surprisingly most dog skin infections, mostly those caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus sp, can get transmitted between dogs and humans.

These infections result in itchy feelings in your dog, hair loss, inflamed skin and a strong stench. Take quick actions if you suspect your dog has a skin infection to avoid spreading and to relieve your dog from the resulting awful feelings of this condition.

4. Dermatitis

Dermatitis is the inflammation of the skin resulting from allergic responses. If your dog, for instance, is allergic to bee stings, dermatitis may develop whenever a bee stings it, resulting in inflammation and pain. In such a case, the itchiness may last a few days and reduce dramatically. Dermatitis may also result from other allergic reactions, such as irritating cleaning products, pollen, plants and food allergies.

5. Parasites

Itchy dog skin may be caused by parasites like mites, ticks, and fleas. For instance, if your dog gets bitten by a flea, the flea’s saliva triggers the dog’s immune system creating an itchy feeling. Consider taking measures that keep your dog away from these parasites to avoid skin itchiness, stress and discomfort resulting from parasite bites.

Remedies for Dog Itchy Skin

It feels better to have something you can do for your dog during uncomfortable seasons. Now that you understand the meaning and major causes of a dog’s itchy skin, let us dive into what you may do to relieve your dog from skin irritation and itchiness at home. You may visit your veterinarian if skin irritation persists after trying the remedies below.

1. Skip that shampoo during bathtime

Dry skins are a major cause of skin irritation and other conditions, such as skin cracks that may result in itchy skin. When your dog needs a bath, use plain water and a non-drying solvent.

It may be your dog has been reacting negatively with their shampoo resulting in dry, itchy skin. Avoiding shampoo on your dog will also help with hair loss and skin dehydration.

2. Feed your dogs moist foods

The type of food you give your dog also affects how their skin develops. For dog owners who prefer dry dog foods to wet dog foods, their dogs are likely to remain dehydrated, which may result in skin itchiness.

To avoid this, ensure you feed your dogs moist or wet foods more than dry foods. Although both are recommended for your dog, wet foods help dehydrate your dog more than dry foods.

3. Avoid hot blow drys

Most dog owners consider hot blow drys a simpler way of drying their dogs after a shower. While this ensures your dog stays dry and comfortable, hot blow drys may interfere with your dog's skin moisture. Consider turning down the heat on your dog's blow-dry to avoid harming the skin.

4. Ensure your dog is fully hydrated

Dehydration results in dry skin that could get injured over the slightest touch. To avoid this, ensure your dog is fully hydrated by giving them plenty of clean filtered water. Feeding your dog wet dog foods when they suffer from skin irritation will also help hydrate them and relieve extra itchy feelings resulting from dehydration.

Why CBD oil for dogs

CBD oil for dogs has been gaining extra popularity in the current world, given its numerous health benefits to your dog. CBD oil for dogs may help relieve skin inflammation and pain, prevent seasonal allergies and produce a calm feeling in your dog, all of which help reduce skin itchiness and discomfort.

Definition of Dog CBD Oil

CBD oil, also called cannabidiol, is extracted from the hemp plant. This substance, commonly used in human and pet products, does not have THC; therefore, you do not need to worry about addiction.

CBD oil has shown a range of health benefits to dogs, including reducing anxiety, improving your dog’s immune system, fighting seasonal allergies, strengthening your dog’s joints, reducing skin inflammation and pain.

By reducing skin inflammation, fighting seasonal allergies and providing a relaxing feeling, CBD oil for dogs will help your dog overcome skin itchiness and related discomfort. You may wonder how a single oil may help your dog achieve all these benefits.

Honest Paws understands that itchy skin is every pet parent’s nightmare and has come up with the Honest Paws Well CBD Oil for Dogs, a strong CBD oil for dogs to help your dog attain more than a single benefit. Below are CBD oil for dogs-well’s special features that help it offer maximum benefits to your dog.

Honest Paws Well CBD Oil For Dogs Special Features

Every product has its special features that make it convenient for specific uses (you can read more on official research here). The Honest Paws Well CBD oil for dogs has the following features that enable it to offer several benefits to your dog simultaneously.

1. 100% organic

The Well CBD oil for dogs is from organic full-spectrum hemp oil, which allows it to interact with your dog's endocannabinoid system without causing addiction or harsh side effects.

2. Camphene

This oil contains camphene, a compound that helps with occasional discomfort and helps pets feel relaxed.

3. Eucalyptol

With this substance, your dog’s immune system will not be the same again. Eucalyptol helps support your dog’s immune system helping your dog fight infections and allergies that may result in skin itchiness.

4. Has less than 0.3% Tetrahydrocannabinol

THC is a substance commonly found in other cannabis Sativa products that results in proactive feelings. The Honest Paws Well CBD oil for dogs contains less than 0.3% of this substance and therefore poses no risk of addiction to your dog.

You may administer the Well CBD oil to your dog daily without worrying about addiction. The more the CBD oil accumulates in your dog’s body, the better the results.

How Can CBD Oil Help Relieve Dog Itchy Skin?

CBD oil can help your dog in many ways, such as reducing inflammation, boosting the immune, relieving pain, and reducing anxiety in dogs. Below are detailed explanations of how CBD oil may relieve your dog from itchy skin.

1. Enhancing the Immune System

Dogs may experience problems with their immune systems, especially as they age. With a poor immune system, your dog may suffer from skin infections, irritation and inflammation more than when they had a stronger immunity. The Well CBD oil for dogs helps boost your dog’s immune system enabling them to fight infections and other diseases better.

2. Reducing Inflammation

As a dog owner, your dog’s skin inflammation is among the common challenges you may face regularly. This is because skin inflammation results from various reasons, such as injury, allergies, skin infections and parasite bites.

The good news is that regardless of the cause, CBD oil for dogs helps reduce dog skin inflammation and therefore reduces skin itchiness and discomfort in your dog. When used for some time, CBD oil can reduce dog skin ailments and help repair your dog’s skin.

3. Decreasing discomfort and pain

We may all agree that a dog with skin inflammation or pain is furthest from being a happy pet. To relieve these feelings, consider using CBD oil for your dog. CBD oil for dogs reduces pain by communicating with your dog’s nervous system and changing how the dog’s brain perceives pain.

The oil also has an anti-inflammatory property that helps relieve discomfort and inflammation in dogs. CBD oil is a miracle cure for dogs' itchy skin nightmares. Without pain and inflammation, your dog is likely to overcome skin itchiness with much ease than one with pain and discomfort.

4. Relieving Anxiety

A dog with itchy skin may feel anxious and stressed. Like humans, dogs also need a healthy body, explaining why anxiety might occur whenever they fall sick. Consider getting CBD oil for your furry friend to help relieve their anxiety and gain comfort as they heal from skin itchiness.

In addition to reducing pain and inflammation, CBD oil can reduce stress in your dog and offer a cool feeling, helping your dog recover smoothly and calmly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it Recommended to use CBD oil for dos to heal their itchy skin?

Yes. CBD oil for dogs can help relieve skin itchiness in your dog. Although there are different underlying conditions that result in itchy dog skin, CBD oil helps solve the problem by reducing inflammation and pain, enhancing the immune system to fight skin infections, and causing a relaxed feeling in your dog during the itchy period.

2. Which is the best dog CBD oil for itchy skin?

All CBD oils for dogs contain properties that can help your dog pull through an itchy season more quickly. However, the Honest Paws Well CBD oil for dogs ensures you reap various CBD oil benefits from a single product. It helps with the immune system, seasonal allergies, relaxation and inflammation (Get the Best CBD oil for senior dogs here).

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